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Awaken the Spirit

Written by Kelly Eveleth on . Posted in General

Are you at a point when you wonder about the chaos of our world? The advancement of technology has allowed us to see our world in a different perspective than our parents or grandparents. While the chaos may be present, so is the opportunity for calming one’s self by growing in an understanding of our Creator’s Spirit.

The Spirit that roams across our earth is very active. Understanding of the Spirit is expanding and now influences many people through contemporary and past spiritual leaders. Our technology has given us a means to communicate with people all over the world which allows us to grow in our spiritual practice. A few years ago I was introduced to the teachings of Deepak Chopra. His spiritual practices and ways of teaching made a significant impact on my way of thinking. The first book of Chopra that I read was The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. While I previously thought I knew my core spiritual beliefs, after reading this book the first time I realized I didn’t know my own beliefs. In this book Chopra asked questions that no one else had asked me. I reread the book and began taking notes, creating a journal of what I truly believed.

The expansion of current technology allows many opportunities for engaging in global conversations on the topic of spiritual practice. I have found Deepak Chopra’s website to be a good resource.  Many tools to support spiritual growth are available and Deepak Chopra has also partnered with Oprah Winfrey. They have created a Meditation Series that I have found of great value.

The questions to consider are: “Am I content with my spiritual beliefs?” “Do I want to grow in my spiritual practice?”


Media Resource: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (click here for Amazon book link)

Deepak Chopra Website (click here)

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