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Awaken the Mind

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Often we are placed in a situation when a critical decision is necessary. In our modern American culture most of the time we have choices, this is what defines our freedom. And yet, with that freedom to choose, comes responsibility. Many times I find myself stuck, not knowing what to do in a situation. This is why I love the life coaching process and my coaches.

Jon J. Muth retells Tolstoy’s story “The Three Questions” in an illustrated children’s book. Muth creatively puts this literature piece into a setting that appeals to children. Muth also writes with a sophistication for adults to ponder. This story is in a sense a principle belief for many life coaches.

If you are not familiar with Tolstoy’s short story “The Three Questions” then visit the on-line link for a free reading. Also consider investing in the book created by Muth also titled “The Three Questions.”  I also encourage you to share this book with a child in your life.

The questions to ponder are: “What is the right time for every action? Who are the most important people? How do I know what is the most important thing to do?”  

Consider a time each week, month, and season to answer the three questions for insight on your journey. If the mind knows the answers to these questions, I believe a person is awake to the most important things in life.

Media Resource: Tolstoy “The Three Questions” link (click here) ; Muth “The Three Questions” (Amazon link)


Awaken with Healing Spices

Written by Kelly Eveleth on . Posted in General

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Some years ago I experienced a physical shutdown. I literally could not accomplish anything in a physical manner. Eventually I found a health practitioner who gave me an analogy that I could relate to. Imagine your household electrical box. Inside is a bunch of fuses controlled by small switches and a primary fuse that is needed to manage all the other fuses. If one of the smaller fuses dysfunctions, generally the other fuses will work for awhile and try to compensate. But, if the primary fuse goes out, then EVERYTHING else connected to that fuse shuts off. Well, my primary fuse, the thyroid, shut down. The common U.S. pharmacist did not have the products on the shelf to heal my body to my satisfaction. I looked elsewhere for answers.

One of our primary control centers is the thyroid. The thyroid is located in our neck, pretty darn close to the central nervous system. I sometimes wonder about our Creator’s design of the body as the thyroid is very vulnerable and doesn’t have protection like the heart behind the breast plate, the lungs inside the rib cage, or the brain covered by a skull. We need to be aware of the vulnerability of the thyroid. When our body’s systems begin to break down, whether it is from the thyroid dysfunction or another part of the body, nature has given us the nutrients to help our body heal.

One of the elements in nature that is gaining more attention are the Healing Spices. I met a chef who recommended the book Healing Spices by Bharat B. Aggarawal, PhD. The author defines spices as “edible, aromatic, and dried…comes from a plant’s root, bark, stem, bud, leaves, flower, fruit, or seed” (p.6). While I took many steps to change my diet and lifestyle so that my body can heal, my most recent step is adding spice to my life. I know, that is a phrase that can have multiple meanings in today’s language, but I am literally experimenting with spices in my diet. The past couple years my palette has changed. This book explains why possibly I am wanting particular flavors or foods. During those moments I am listening to my body I am craving spices and foods that I believe my body needs for continued healing and renewal. I am by no means an expert, so I rely on well researched and recommended resources and my naturopathic doctor for guidance.

My question for you today, “What spice or food is your body wanting?”

Healthy Living Resource: Healing Spices by Bharat B. Aggarawal (click on title for Amazon link)


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