Awaken the Voice of Your Heart

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When you don’t know the answer to your own question, who do you seek? As children we seek the nearest adult in most situations. At school we ask teachers or peers for help. At home we find a family member. When we become adults we sometimes struggle finding that person to trust.

During a time of change and challenges I discovered the value of putting words on the page. I sat and quieted the monkey chatter in my brain using a writing process a friend shared. Eventually I recognized that I had within me a strong voice that was not my Ego. This voice did not always give me specific answers to my questions. I did receive a quiet assurance. I learned that this voice was the voice of my Creator who spoke through my heart, not my logical mind. I included a poem I wrote in 2005 during one of my moments of quieting the monkey chatter. My hope is that as individuals move forward along the journey, time is taken to listen to the voice of the Creator.

I challenge you to find a process to quiet the monkey chatter that comes from the Ego. When this occurs, what does your heart tell you during your quiet moments? Consider writing out those messages in a journal. If you have not yet found a way to quiet the monkey chatter, feel free to contact me for guidance.

Key Question: What does your heart tell you during your quiet moments?

Awaken My Spirit

I’ve been walking in the wilderness, not hearing

The Voice calling me. I knew the Voice but

That which was once clear had become cloudy. The path

I began had disappeared and I knew not where I

Was going. A day came upon which I could struggle no more and I felt


Giving in to the Voice. Where am I? I asked.

Who am I to be?

I’ve been walking in the wilderness, experiencing

Life as one of the chosen. I knew stones and

Thorns were necessary but still I stumbled not asking for the

Healing only the Voice could give. Without the strength

To continue I crawled to the Voice in my weakness.

I want the healing, humbly I called.

I am here, abide in me, answered the Voice.

I’ve been walking in the wilderness, no longer

Wanting to be there. I knew there was a

Light but it was so dim. The Voice spoke clearly

When I opened up within. The Voice drew out the

Spirit releasing the pain and truths. I don’t want to

Fall, I cry. I am tired and don’t want the pain and

Heaviness anymore.

I’ve been walking in the wilderness, finally

Knowing I am not alone. I knew there was strength

In others. I don’t know where to go, I explained. And,

The Voice led me to them who do. The truths continue

During this journey. There is a renewing as

I find the path again. Strong roots share their understanding

And wisdom. I draw upon their discernment

As my spirit awakens.


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