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Awaken the Body

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Do you ever have those days when your environment is the same as yesterday and you felt physically well yesterday and then that day you simply feel yucky? It is like the smooth path suddenly becomes rocky. Well, our bodies have a chemistry which has been explained in different ways and I have a great resource for you as you take care of your physical body.

During the past 10 years I visited a variety of people in the medical field. Not all those who are employed in the medical field can I label as healers of the body. Every person needs to find a resource that works well for them as our bodies are clearly not the same. I am a believer in holistic healing. Science has provided us with amazing information but what is most important is the interpretation of that information and how one applies the knowledge gained. Many resources point to the necessity of chemical balance in the body. With guidance and attentive care we can manage the chemicals in our body. Do I experience yucky days? Yes. The difference between now and earlier in my life is that I have the knowledge, tools, and motivation to change most of the causes of those yucky feeling days.

Your question for today, “Are you living with a physically balanced body? What can you do to experience a healthy body?”

HEALTHY LIVING RESOURCE: Dr. Trevor Cates (click here for website link)

Visit Dr. Trevor Cate’s website. Here you will find a woman who cares and understands women’s health issues. She has many resources on her site and I have benefitted from her healing touch. Check out her bio as well, as it is quite impressive.


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