Kelley J. EvelethKelly recently retired from teaching in the public education system. She loves the role of guiding her children, assisting them with her understanding of the learning process and applying her life coaching skills. She is passionate about literature and currently works part-time at the local public library. At home Kelly spends her creative energy writing and exploring the elements of art. She also provides life coaching services.

As a teacher, coach, writer, and community leader here are ways in which she has applied her skills:

  • Owner of KJ’s Cottage, providing tutoring, life coaching, and virtual assistant services.
  • Taught Kindergarten through sixth grade students in public education for 20+ years certified in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.
  • Created an Enrichment Activity Club independent from the school programs.
  • Tutored students independent from the school programs.
  • Directed a Christian program for youth.
  • Published article series in the Wendover Times, Wendover, UT.
  • Certified life coaching programs at PCCCA with Dr. Leelo-Dianne Bush (www.pccca.org) and Grief Coaching Center with Dr. Norman H. Wright (www.griefcoachingcenter.com).
  • Trained women to be Life Coaches through Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy.
  • Contributing author to Christian Coach Light, 10 Week Group Program© by Dr. Leelo-Dianne Bush, 2007.

A few years ago Kelly opened to the possibilities of using her teaching skills beyond the public education classroom. Kelly is a believer in the Strengths paradigm (from Gallup’s Strengths Finder web-based assessment). Her signature strengths are Connectedness, Learner, and Maximizer. She paraphrases these strengths by stating, “I am on a journey with the intention of learning and sharing my understandings to help people reach their potential.” She observes the events the Universe shares with her and makes connections to ideas and resources.  During her time in the classroom she recognized her strength as teaching the whole person how to gain understanding of the subject of interest and then apply the knowledge acquired to improve one’s self of being.


© 2010 - 2013 Kelly J. Eveleth